Debris Box Terms of Use

15- to 40-yard boxes will be picked up in 7 days and 8-yard boxes will be picked up in 3 days unless otherwise arranged. $20 per day after 7 days.

Terms of Use

  1. HAZARDOUS MATERIALS including oil, paint, chemicals, asbestos and any other items defined as hazardous under Federal, State or local laws are not allowed in any quantities.
  2. No food garbage is allowed in this box.
  3. 8 yd. boxes are to be filled with clean dirt OR clean concrete. If mixed, call office to arrange. Flat fee, no tonnage, fill to top.
  4. No refrigerator without CFC Removal Certification.
  5. MAXIMUM STANDARD LOAD weight is 1.5 tons for 15 yd, 2.5 tons for 20 yd, 3.5 tons for 30 yd, and 4.5 tons lbs for 40 yd boxes. (A charge will be assessed for additional ton.)
  6. DO NOT FILL THE BOX ABOVE THE SIDES. Overfilled boxes cannot be transported.
  7. DO NOT POUR WET CONCRETE in this box. (A cleaning charge will be added for the concrete removal.)
  8. The customer takes full responsibility for any damage to curbs, sidewalks, driveways, lawns, etc. when we are instructed to put the box off the street.
  10. Boxes in excess of the maximum standard load weight above will be surcharged at a predetermined rate depending on contract per ton of overweight including rainwater.
  11. Customer authorizes charging their charge card for boxes coming in over the allotted weight.

Recycling Loads

For Green Waste, clean concrete and cement loads, lower pricing is negotiable. Call us for pricing!
Clean Concrete: Clean concrete only. No dirt, re-bar or wire allowed.
Metal: Only metal debris allowed. Available in 20-, 30- and 40-yard box.
Clean Wood: Scrap lumber, pallets, and plywood only. No green waste, logs, painted and treated wood allowed. May contain nails and screws.
Green Waste: Mulch, woodchips, leaves, bushes, branches no bigger than 16” in diameter. No sod, dirt, palms, or logs allowed.